bloody valentine/my ex’s best friend (Live from the American Music Awards / 2020)

Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine and my ex’s best friend at the 2020 American Music Awards.

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  1. Jim Bob

    Jim BobHace 11 horas

    That solo yo

  2. Beatriz Mascarelo de Carvalho

    Beatriz Mascarelo de CarvalhoHace un día


  3. Ben Spudich

    Ben SpudichHace un día

    Lol yed

  4. Jillian Nedly

    Jillian NedlyHace un día

    He’s literally helped me so much with expressing my sled through music I received his merch recently and I love it!

  5. Alec Almirante

    Alec AlmiranteHace 2 días

    love the song so much but the solo wtf was that hahahahahaha

  6. Louise

    LouiseHace 2 días

    lil wayne taught him guitar i see

  7. LaserMaikel

    LaserMaikelHace 2 días

    That's trash guitar playing

  8. Rangga Septiva

    Rangga SeptivaHace 2 días

    In my yed In my yed In my yed

  9. Nelly 601

    Nelly 601Hace 2 días

    Bro did i just hear a drum solo LETS GO

  10. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace 2 días

    Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.

  11. cart 55

    cart 55Hace un día

    So? I was 4'11 at that age

  12. 阿鲁巴吧

    阿鲁巴吧Hace 2 días


  13. Evan Sweeting

    Evan SweetingHace 3 días

    That guitar solo made me cringe

  14. Beyond Google

    Beyond GoogleHace 4 días

    For the idiots who think this is punk rock Well ANY type of rock Please listen to rock first lmao

  15. A Anime fan

    A Anime fanHace 5 días

    1:09 that solo sucked!!!!

  16. Craig Staley

    Craig StaleyHace 5 días

    What is wrong with everyone saying this is at all good? Thinks he's British and belts out the worst guitar solo in history. This sucks! Get off his nuts ppl.

  17. Isidro chavez the 3rd

    Isidro chavez the 3rdHace 5 días

    MGK can grow with this kind of style. It just works

  18. Catastrophic Stupidity

    Catastrophic StupidityHace 5 días

    I hate how he can't take his eyes off his guitar 😑

  19. Kika Elias

    Kika EliasHace 6 días

    Portugal here 💪🇵🇹

  20. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace 6 días

    Machine Gun Kelly hit puberty very late.

  21. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace un día

    @cart 55 Machine Gun Kelly should dress up as guitarist Buckethead for Halloween by wearing a long dark curly wig, blank white mask, and a KFC bucket on his head! 🎭🎨🥁🎸

  22. cart 55

    cart 55Hace un día

    @Kashfia Islam not really he was average height for his age and now hes a giant

  23. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace un día

    @cart 55 Well Machine Gun Kelly had his growth spurt later than other boys.

  24. cart 55

    cart 55Hace un día

    @Kashfia Islam are you autistic? The man is 6 foot 5 which is taller then 97% of the male population..

  25. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace un día

    Well Machine Gun Kelly is a late bloomer.

  26. Venus

    VenusHace 7 días

    Wtf this album is the worst version rap and rock could have brought out after Peep died

  27. Ailene Mae Llantino

    Ailene Mae LlantinoHace 7 días

    i'M LOVIN' pink

  28. Liamo

    LiamoHace 7 días

    His voice will get better if he continues love his new music road

  29. cart 55

    cart 55Hace 8 días

    He needs to work on the solo

  30. Dane Hansen

    Dane HansenHace 8 días

    His guitar sounds like shit

  31. Jumri Gara

    Jumri GaraHace 8 días

    He is a true artist.

  32. RN Veronica

    RN VeronicaHace 8 días


  33. RN Veronica

    RN VeronicaHace 8 días

    OMG mgk i love or songs

  34. RN Veronica

    RN VeronicaHace 8 días


  35. JP Piffer

    JP PifferHace 8 días

    Mgk: makes one wrong bend. Humanity: *THIS SOLO IS SHIT! IN FACT, YOU ARE SHIT COLSON* Me: he never said he was fuckin jimmy hendrix, oh wait...

  36. dang Tf

    dang TfHace 9 días

    Travis at the end of bloody valentines tho- dude survived a plane crash and still played like a fucking maniac

  37. Walter Zarate

    Walter ZarateHace 11 días

    The guitar playing was a bit rough but the music is awesome

  38. Kathleen Duke

    Kathleen DukeHace 11 días

    Wth.....he used to be like hdhejwj sjsjsk susikwjd fidjdkekjekrjrkr I I. like that weird rapping stuff now he's like. in my head in my head. Let's play pretend. Like wth

  39. Utathya Raha

    Utathya RahaHace 12 días

    The guitar solo bend was slightly out of tune. Oh, maybe its just in our YEDs

  40. peyton miller

    peyton millerHace 12 días

    You know he’s only one of the few music artists who sounds better in a live performance than pre recorded (in my opinion)

  41. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace 13 días

    Machine Gun Kelly’s natural eye color is the same as John Deacon’s wife, Veronica Tetzlaff’s natural eye color.

  42. Cheesy Poof

    Cheesy PoofHace 14 días

    1:26 wtf was that 💀

  43. AwnChron

    AwnChronHace 14 días

    This fuckin song is weird. What a tool.

  44. Dhaval Mishra

    Dhaval MishraHace 14 días

    His face movements are like Billie Joe Armstrong 😂

  45. Melanie. H

    Melanie. HHace 14 días

    So geil 😍😍

  46. Jade Lily

    Jade LilyHace 15 días


  47. Juice730 ****

    Juice730 ****Hace 15 días

    This album is shockingly incredible... dude is talented, Fr

  48. Steven T

    Steven THace 14 días

    you think so? that solo in bloody valentine.. the bends 🥴 the album is pretty decent though, but he should learn to play the right notes live.

  49. ermis G

    ermis GHace 16 días

    Listen to this then go watch invincible back in the 00's..big change right?

  50. Camilo Montoya

    Camilo MontoyaHace 17 días

    fucking bend was killer man


    RON BURGANDYHace 18 días

    Wtf was going on with that "solo" haha

  52. Spiderwolfer

    SpiderwolferHace 19 días

    I’m glad he’s playing guitar live. Great album man

  53. sunny raaz

    sunny raazHace 19 días

    The stingy kick proximately ruin because hell fortuitously owe toward a placid camp. premium, nervous breath

  54. l r

    l rHace 19 días

    gotta thank megan fox🙏

  55. Thedarkzero 3

    Thedarkzero 3Hace 19 días

    In my yed In my yed In my yed

  56. Linh Tu

    Linh TuHace 19 días

    0:44 My boy mistook his own lyrics XD

  57. Lea 710

    Lea 710Hace 20 días

    Does anyone know the meaning of his new tattoo (the one which looks like a vampire bite yk)

  58. Dino So Rush

    Dino So RushHace 20 días

    Do anyone else also thought that... Blackbear will also jump out from the next closest 😂😂

  59. Johannes Mertens

    Johannes MertensHace 21 un día


  60. Carlo Aaron

    Carlo AaronHace 22 días

    The song is good but that bend still hurts me as a guitarist


    DASO MILITIAHace 22 días

    Marshall who?

  62. SirDucksALot

    SirDucksALotHace 23 días

    That bend though It went from F# to *D* ? What?

  63. Camilo Montoya

    Camilo MontoyaHace 17 días

    Thats metal dude

  64. Javi del Val

    Javi del ValHace 23 días

    okay yeah the vibe is and all cool but honestly guys the songs kinda fuckin suck specially the second one let's be real here wtf

  65. BilboTeaBaggins

    BilboTeaBagginsHace 24 días

    why he look like Lil Peep?

  66. 고태윤

    고태윤Hace 24 días

    Love ya

  67. Michele Neff

    Michele NeffHace 25 días

    Absolutely love!

  68. The Soviet Union

    The Soviet UnionHace 26 días

    I think he should stick to rapping- not gonna lie that solo was AIDS

  69. xskinyx

    xskinyxHace 26 días

    someone get this guy a tuned guitar

  70. Nikolas Bosey

    Nikolas BoseyHace 26 días

    So.... no yed???👀

  71. Z peter kvz

    Z peter kvzHace 27 días

    This is a talent diss to Eminem. He killed it

  72. Angélica Cruz

    Angélica CruzHace 27 días

    O melhor de 2020🖤

  73. Linus Johansson

    Linus JohanssonHace 28 días

    HMU if you'd like to get some guitar lessons, I charge 50 Euro per hour

  74. Joshua Salamon

    Joshua SalamonHace 28 días

    Look what eminem did to this guy! 😂 from rap to whack! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  75. ToeTiccler

    ToeTicclerHace 28 días

    switching genres was the best move hes ever made

  76. Cameron Greaves

    Cameron GreavesHace 28 días

    Anybody came back after watching Stevie T lmao😂

  77. Noah92__

    Noah92__Hace 28 días


  78. amoung use imposter

    amoung use imposterHace 28 días


  79. Antonio Quiroz

    Antonio QuirozHace 28 días

    *I N M O I Y E D*

  80. Milo Mellow

    Milo MellowHace 29 días

    I think This is better than his rap and not saying his rap was not awesome I just enjoyed the punk rock way better

  81. DaAllerechte Hias

    DaAllerechte HiasHace 29 días

    Should the solo sound so ....u know soo...out of tune?

  82. niu Beats

    niu BeatsHace 29 días

    Guitar out of tune... ew 😆 Good performance tho 👍🏻

  83. J M

    J MHace 29 días

    killshot ended this mans career in rap so he had to switch genres

  84. Jessy Arah Posadas

    Jessy Arah PosadasHace 29 días


  85. LeatherCladVegan

    LeatherCladVeganHace 29 días

    TF is this shit.

  86. Eduardo Alvear

    Eduardo AlvearHace 29 días

    Fuck yea

  87. Nuke

    NukeHace un mes

    I see a kid who want to fulfil his childhood dream to play some pop punk to a audience.

  88. Lovely Dead

    Lovely DeadHace un mes

    I guess his favorite color is pink?

  89. Steven Ellerbee

    Steven EllerbeeHace un mes

    So much to say about this. First off, so much respect for playing AND singing with no autotune or "help". It may not sound "perfect", but it's raw and most importantly, REAL. Much much respect. Secondly, I really like his transition from rapping to this alternative rock. I think this style really fits him so much better. He earned his place as a rapper, but honestly I feel that he's naturally a rocker. And much respect to show the young generation that you can enjoy and be a part of both. Third, this man is talented. I remember when I first heard about him years ago, I wasn't impressed. As time went on, watching his rapping get better and better, the way he handles pressure, his interviews, his acting performances in movies, his covers of rock songs, and to now make his own rock... this guy is super talented and really a great dude. I can go on, but all I want to say is that I love his new direction and style and hope the best for him. I'm a big fan now. You guys should check out his song covers if you haven't already. They will make you think...

  90. The ᎠąղìҽӀ చհìէҽϚհօօէҽɾChannelӋͲ

    The ᎠąղìҽӀ చհìէҽϚհօօէҽɾChannelӋͲHace un mes

    Stevie T?

  91. Steven E Murphy

    Steven E MurphyHace un mes

    Is he English?

  92. Bongoman 7

    Bongoman 7Hace un mes


  93. Donny’s hot tips

    Donny’s hot tipsHace un mes

    where are the other band members?

  94. Samantha Haughton

    Samantha HaughtonHace un mes

    I just love Colson and Travis and that punk rocks coming back!!!

  95. Brenton Kasuboski

    Brenton KasuboskiHace un mes

    I would love to see MGK and Avril Lavigne make a song together time to bring back amazing music. ♥️

  96. Robman275

    Robman275Hace un mes

    "In my Income Elasticity of Demand, In my Income Elasticity of Demand, In my Income Elasticity of Demand" "Uh, you might want to use the short-form there, champ". "In my Yed, In my Yed, In my Yed, that fits better"

  97. Paolo Gerace

    Paolo GeraceHace un mes


  98. Jay Cinematicz

    Jay CinematiczHace un mes

    That guitar solo.... not executed very good haha but love that song

  99. Sangsang Valte

    Sangsang ValteHace un mes

    Who came here after Stevie t's video???

  100. Fadil -79

    Fadil -79Hace un mes

    Nah nah nah nah In my yed - MGKAREN 2020

  101. Omar Muñoz Castorena

    Omar Muñoz CastorenaHace un mes

    Stevie T legion, like or comment.

  102. Felix Brandau

    Felix BrandauHace un mes

    This guitar sounds so offset

  103. IncorporatedOps

    IncorporatedOpsHace un mes

    Listen at 0.25 speed thank me later

  104. Frank

    FrankHace un mes

    In my Income elasticity of demand, In my Income elasticity of demand, In my Income elasticity of demand .

  105. Camilah Hernandez

    Camilah HernandezHace un mes

    i was watching this like a regular human being and I had no idea who mgk was , I was listening to this and searched him up and listened to his music , I'm a fan now

  106. Ali3n_ SsS

    Ali3n_ SsSHace un mes

    That guitar solo sucked 🤮🤮🤮

  107. Michael Pfister

    Michael PfisterHace un mes

    Please...don’t ever do rock...and please take guitar lessons, those notes were sour as shit

  108. Kathrine Carpenter

    Kathrine CarpenterHace un mes

    That's my favorite song.

  109. BloodmailBrothers666

    BloodmailBrothers666Hace un mes

    buena ropa... (?