Machine Gun Kelly - 27 (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing 27. © 2018 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. NE V13N

    NE V13NHace 7 horas

    When this song was first newly out ... N was trending internationally... The feelin was amazing can't describe in words.... Back then i still remembered ...that I listened it for hours...n it is still my fav❤️... Mgk ur an living legend

  2. Gloria Naorem

    Gloria NaoremHace 9 horas

    Who is watching this song and listening again and again in 2021 too as same as yesterday

  3. Zoe

    ZoeHace un día

    Thank you for this song.. for the past 2 months i listen to it many times love MGK

  4. Muah Muah

    Muah MuahHace un día

    a friend of mine made me an MGK fan

  5. Aditya C Bisht

    Aditya C BishtHace un día


  6. Cristy Gore

    Cristy GoreHace un día


  7. Sean Place

    Sean PlaceHace 2 días

    Just turned 28 this year. And 27 felt like this. Slow down, focus, and live your life. We’re still young.

  8. vaxity

    vaxityHace 2 días

    Thank you Mgk ,I cry when I hear this because I think of Chester Bennington who was hurting, Jonghyun who was a slave to the kpop industry and the pressure was too much,Lil Peep who struggled with his depression and addiction,X who was shot all for nothing,Mac Miller who didn't deserve the demons who dealt with,I miss them all so much,they all changed my life and so did you Kells 🖤

  9. Yo mismo

    Yo mismoHace 2 días


  10. BFF of lillylover

    BFF of lillyloverHace 2 días

    Please please dont die if you go i might die too bc my life is TERRIBLE and your one of the VERY few things keeping me alive

  11. Eduina Santos

    Eduina SantosHace 2 días

    this song hits harder when you lose somebody you truly loved... thank you for your music Kells!!!! ❤

  12. Akashic Monk

    Akashic MonkHace 2 días

    RIP- Kirby Metzger skater stunt double from the land! Legends never die bro!

  13. Callum Abraham

    Callum AbrahamHace 3 días

    Been listening since Halo, knew then you were gonna be special. You stopped me killing myself, showing me that life is a game that's gotta be played. There is no easy out, you just pass the pain. If your going through a hard time, just remember that although your a star in the sky amongst MANY others. It is in fact, YOU, that shines the brightest.....💫

  14. Michael Fram

    Michael FramHace 3 días

    I turn 27 this year :(

  15. Andrew Ellis

    Andrew EllisHace 3 días

    Hands down bruh. Best song I've heard in years . Got me all in my feelings. That's what music is all about.

  16. Nick Rohe

    Nick RoheHace 3 días

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  17. Gully Boy

    Gully BoyHace 3 días

    MGK...on fire 💥💥💥🤩🤩 Legend never die.....▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

  18. Faisal Rahman

    Faisal RahmanHace 4 días

    Who's here in 2021? The real ones

  19. Kiki Akbar

    Kiki AkbarHace 4 días

    Please kells keep created music to inspire

  20. mini mini my size Duffus

    mini mini my size DuffusHace 4 días

    I love you mGK ♡♡♡♡♡

  21. moe bezz

    moe bezzHace 4 días

    Kid keeps getting better...but im still better then him & EM

  22. Montavious Gray XX

    Montavious Gray XXHace 3 días

    Damn lie

  23. Indy Singh

    Indy SinghHace 4 días

    thank you for helping me at a dark time brodie

  24. Joan Merrill

    Joan MerrillHace 4 días

    If you let the nasty tounge people get in your head you will buried your self in a dark hole and will never see the light an inhale the beauty of yourself so f...k the darkness live a good life and open your self for the

  25. color

    colorHace 4 días

    So rob if you must go and die at 27 at least ik you died a legend :) and I'll keep the vibe alive, will never forget about you and mooz ye know its hard to find you now but at least i still remember you 13:10, Friday 26 February 2021

  26. justin lowery

    justin loweryHace 4 días

    When I heard 27 it changed how i looked at music it brought us through our darkest times.when i was at my worst in addiction it gave you that glow

  27. Guilherme Santos

    Guilherme SantosHace 4 días

    Hope you´re listening this when corona virus is over!!!🙌🙌

  28. Fandom Trash

    Fandom TrashHace 5 días

    He will always be an amazing singer to me no matter what happens

  29. Дэн Тыква

    Дэн ТыкваHace 5 días


  30. Christopher Boaz

    Christopher BoazHace 5 días

    My mother passsed away at 27 and man this song sits in my brain every single day.

  31. Robert James Stewart

    Robert James StewartHace 5 días

    my uncle Robert died at 27 so this is my favorite song he was my dad's brother

  32. Chrisiel Christ

    Chrisiel ChristHace 5 días


  33. Majd Mohamad

    Majd MohamadHace 6 días

    I can feel it all🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  34. Wavey Abhi

    Wavey AbhiHace 6 días

    MGK is.❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  35. Calliope Landis

    Calliope LandisHace 6 días

    This man makes such wholesome music and no matter who doesn’t appreciate that, I do. I watch this video almost daily and every time I see Chester it kills me.

  36. We are our Own worse enemy

    We are our Own worse enemyHace 3 días

    Em did him a favor made him turn into a pop musician but his music is very decent better than half of the other pop music I hate pop music but I like mgk music

  37. Tom Baker

    Tom BakerHace 6 días

    No This is what a rap god is 216 finest

  38. Joshua Larrosa

    Joshua LarrosaHace 6 días

    Genre ?

  39. Austin

    AustinHace 6 días

    i cry my ass off every time i hear this song

  40. krypto

    kryptoHace 6 días

    Fucken legend still here you'll always be remembered bro helped me in the darkest times ull never know me but ur music kept me going

  41. Kaylee Palfi

    Kaylee PalfiHace 6 días

    Forever one of my favorite mgk songs

  42. Abia

    AbiaHace 6 días

    i love him sm

  43. Obit Jerang 686

    Obit Jerang 686Hace 7 días

    Im not 27 but still i can feel Yoo

  44. Anthony Brown

    Anthony BrownHace 5 días

    Yuuuup is all good 👍

  45. Z0INT

    Z0INTHace 7 días

    MGK you make my day shine when it’s dark as fuck

  46. tofu

    tofuHace 7 días

    i'm still a couple years away til i'm 27 and i honestly feel like i can't do this much longer, i need to rest.

  47. mark miller

    mark millerHace 7 días

    fuck this songs never gets old thx kells

  48. Del Manto

    Del MantoHace 7 días


  49. Patrizia P

    Patrizia PHace 7 días

    Life experience and the will to come to a certain place ... to fly..Character and personality..that make people ... stay true to you how high you climb☀️🙏🔁

  50. Dylan Jackson

    Dylan JacksonHace 7 días

    Start at 34 seconds at his speech, songs a morning commute to work song... yassss!! Let’s goooo!!!!

  51. Pistol Pete

    Pistol PeteHace 7 días

    He really black , all praise YAH

  52. Rachel Talbott

    Rachel TalbottHace 8 días

    Forever 22 Emmanuel jesus cota. Love and miss you 1998-2021 ❤ "can you take me higher..."

  53. Juzboo Oceana

    Juzboo OceanaHace 8 días

    No matter who says what MGK is still here n Shining Bright 2021💕🙏🏼🎶🎶⭐️⭐️⭐️💙

  54. Mario Iván Monroy

    Mario Iván MonroyHace 8 días


  55. Chrisiel Christ

    Chrisiel ChristHace 8 días


  56. Xander Blakeslee

    Xander BlakesleeHace 9 días

    -3 year later and your still listening your a legend

  57. Amrita ??

    Amrita ??Hace 9 días

    " And if i must go and die at 27, then at least i know i died a legend " :( EST19xx 🖤🖤 also 2 years later amd still listening ? Ur a legend 🖤🖤

  58. Fuck Off

    Fuck OffHace 9 días

    Real shit. I feel your soul.

  59. MGK kurdish

    MGK kurdishHace 9 días

    i love you kelly forever

  60. poldi pp

    poldi ppHace 9 días

    you are 30 dude

  61. Empire Marzz

    Empire MarzzHace 9 días

    2021 still having to listen to this!!!

  62. margaret smith

    margaret smithHace 9 días

    27 was always my random #


    DREAM RAPHace 10 días

    You introduced me to the meaning of life.

  64. Nick O'Connor

    Nick O'ConnorHace 10 días

    Thank you mgk your music saves me every day from my bpd bro you are a legend

  65. Jazzy G

    Jazzy GHace 10 días

    By far the best song he's made so far...

  66. Josias Midi

    Josias MidiHace 10 días

    Latinos - 2021.

  67. Mark

    MarkHace 11 días

    27 today.

  68. Wyn Jycloff B. Gatchalian

    Wyn Jycloff B. GatchalianHace 11 días

    Love❤ from 🇵🇭

  69. Shea-Lei Martin

    Shea-Lei MartinHace 12 días

    This man is one of the reasons I’m still alive I always felt so unwanted and everyone uses me out of convenience but his music makes me feel seen

  70. aaron Adkins

    aaron AdkinsHace 12 días

    Why is this song so under rated and not have a lot of views??

  71. shopen kupa

    shopen kupaHace 13 días


  72. Cody Smafield

    Cody SmafieldHace 13 días

    I turn 27 today. Is today the day?

  73. Matúš Bóry

    Matúš BóryHace 13 días

    that autotune hits strong

  74. Kwanele S. Gumede

    Kwanele S. GumedeHace 13 días

    It's 2021 and boy aren't we glad Kells didn't die at 27🙌🏾🤟🏾

  75. KING Kong

    KING KongHace 13 días

    😐🔫. ヽ(´ー`)┌

  76. Michou

    MichouHace 13 días

    Imagine peep was on this song... a whole new level

  77. C-Blanch

    C-BlanchHace 13 días

    It's great that MGK is finally getting the popularity he deserves. I hope that everyone listening to Bloody Valentine looks back at his older songs too!

  78. Adam Noyb

    Adam NoybHace 10 días

    @C-Blanch probably END OF THE ROAD. That song got me through being homeless. But tbh I can't pick one. He's got a 100 hits.

  79. C-Blanch

    C-BlanchHace 10 días

    @Adam Noyb Agreed! I'm glad you listened way back too. Which song was your favorite> mine was "The Return."

  80. Adam Noyb

    Adam NoybHace 11 días

    Yes! Bro his rapping is one of a kind and he's in the top 5 best ARTISTS out right now. He saved my life with Lace Up mixtape 2010. Been making hits since.

  81. Official Deamo

    Official DeamoHace 13 días

    gives me goosebumps mahn

  82. Diana Garic

    Diana GaricHace 13 días

    He is literally saving this generation, bringing back 2000's music vibes, but he is like the modern Curt Cobain of this era 🙌❤️✨

  83. Spontaneous Rainbow

    Spontaneous RainbowHace 14 días

    good job again thanks for your music

  84. Bradey Crandall

    Bradey CrandallHace 14 días

    Turned 27 today and im playing this non stop

  85. Cheyanna Hamilton

    Cheyanna HamiltonHace 14 días

    Got me in my feelings

  86. Jessica McElwain

    Jessica McElwainHace 14 días

    I'm 27 & loved this song for years.

  87. Brittany Ackermann

    Brittany AckermannHace 14 días

    Legend !!

  88. Sadforeverr

    SadforeverrHace 15 días

    Jesus is the answer ur missing Jesus Richard

  89. Luca Radice

    Luca RadiceHace 15 días

    2021 leave something for the world that no one will ever remember 💭💭

  90. UglynerdSquad Switzer

    UglynerdSquad SwitzerHace 15 días


  91. Bence Szabó

    Bence SzabóHace 16 días


  92. Latika Ramchary

    Latika RamcharyHace 16 días

    Fucker amen be

  93. ViciousU Yt

    ViciousU YtHace 16 días

    We're not bad people, were just people with demons.

  94. Robbie Aguilar

    Robbie AguilarHace 16 días

    Best music ever

  95. Lucas Gaus

    Lucas GausHace 16 días

    Can we get this legendary piece of art to 40 million views 👨🏻‍🎤

  96. Phongshen Ngonglüm

    Phongshen NgonglümHace 17 días

    Still fresh❤2021

  97. t j

    t jHace 17 días

    27 plane bounce ;)

  98. Afifa Hashmi

    Afifa HashmiHace 17 días

    I don't get why they are fighting each other. They both help me so much in life. All I've learned from MGK and Eminem is to love each other.

  99. Dolok Bacha

    Dolok BachaHace 17 días

    Her song

  100. Dolok Bacha

    Dolok BachaHace 17 días

    I still watch

  101. Whyatt Clark

    Whyatt ClarkHace 17 días

    is the number 27 your ajj

  102. David Ullrich

    David UllrichHace 17 días

    now boy is 30yrs old, hope he makes fully enyojed life

  103. El Charli

    El CharliHace 18 días


  104. Hannah Melissa

    Hannah MelissaHace 18 días

    Oh man if this guy could see in to his future just three years! And what he’s achieved.. it’s insane.

  105. Mable Bryant

    Mable BryantHace 18 días

    It helped me when I had my baby girl name kara Nevaeh burton she was taking from me and all I can think about is her when I here this song

  106. liam williams

    liam williamsHace 18 días

    Can you take me higher