Machine Gun Kelly, blackbear - my ex’s best friend (Live From Saturday Night Live/2021)

Machine Gun Kelly performing my ex’s best friend on Saturday Night Live.

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  1. David Wheeler

    David WheelerHace 9 horas

    Whose the drummer

  2. Hailey- Jean

    Hailey- JeanHace 15 horas

    Omg you’re too CUTE mgk that ending ✨☺️what a cutie

  3. Jesse Fouts

    Jesse FoutsHace 19 horas

    Dope. You can see how stoked they were to have just played SNL.

  4. Ben Wells

    Ben WellsHace 19 horas

    lol how can you guys not be laughing your asses of at this it’s hilarious how terrible he is if people saw this in the 80s he’d be kicked off the stage. no he wouldn’t never even be on a stage

  5. playmayka music

    playmayka musicHace 19 horas


  6. Rogelio Lechuga

    Rogelio LechugaHace un día

    Not going to lie, but I like this song with just him singing better than the original with Blackbear. 👀 anyone else? (No disrespect to Blackbear)

  7. Joryn z

    Joryn zHace un día

    Badass MGK

  8. TheNexCoolGuy

    TheNexCoolGuyHace 2 días

    He needs autotune

  9. Dylan Driggers

    Dylan DriggersHace 2 días

    But he's not even a real machine gun

  10. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace 2 días

    Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.

  11. 阿鲁巴吧

    阿鲁巴吧Hace 2 días


  12. Agent J

    Agent JHace 4 días

    C'est très bon en live, great Job !

  13. Meshal Burashed

    Meshal BurashedHace 4 días

    I can’t get enough of this

  14. Cheranou Merx

    Cheranou MerxHace 4 días

    but he killed the blackbear part also his part i love it!!

  15. Malgorzata Sroka

    Malgorzata SrokaHace 5 días

    woo love mgk

  16. Deathsoulx25x

    Deathsoulx25xHace 6 días

    Rock Devil

  17. XSM

    XSMHace 6 días

    blink 182 wannabe

  18. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace 6 días

    Machine Gun Kelly hit puberty very late.

  19. Mark Blackley

    Mark BlackleyHace 7 días

    Huh interesting. I only learned about him for rap not long ago. I thought he was very good. Didn’t think he’d be someone to do guitar and play this sort of music. Talented guy, not insane level, but I’m impressed. I think he’s better at hip hop though lol. And if anyone says he’s not playing guitar and faking it? I play guitar and it looks legit to me. It’s nothing complicated, that’s why he hired a good guitarist for the band LOL. This is so different though, he used to rap and talk crap about Eminem lol. And Eminem is awesome he looks up to him.

  20. Reaper SF

    Reaper SFHace 6 días

    Yeah he released a Punk album which got no1 not too long ago

  21. Alex Polak

    Alex PolakHace 7 días

    Damn Eminem rly made him switch from hip hop to rock


    ANSH SHUKLAHace 6 días


  23. samantha thacker

    samantha thackerHace 7 días

    Loved this! Really love the whole band that played with him

  24. Lauren

    LaurenHace 7 días

    I’m here after I heard he switched his genre. This is funnier than I ever imagined.

  25. Liamo

    LiamoHace 7 días

    I like this style well done

  26. Cody Prentice

    Cody PrenticeHace 7 días

    Wonder where MGK's pickups went in his guitar... Tough to make sound without those

  27. dave hightower

    dave hightowerHace 9 días

    I start listening to 1 song and then... I always end up listening to like 10 of MGK's songs.

  28. easydigisoft

    easydigisoftHace 9 días

    Wtf, this dude dis Eminem now his rocker OMG hahahahaha

  29. Chris Antal

    Chris AntalHace 9 días

    Never heard him before and i would have to say its horrible!!

  30. riplys

    riplysHace 9 días

    to be honest he is the modern Avril of the alternative punk rock today !

  31. Happy Times

    Happy TimesHace 10 días

    I’m so proud of you 🤘

  32. Hola Ola Coca

    Hola Ola CocaHace 12 días

    Я так и знала, что mgk из такой музыки родом🔮😹🎸💜 вернулся к истокам 👍 Круто

  33. CrayJay Production

    CrayJay ProductionHace 12 días

    He changed his genre i see

  34. Patch- rick

    Patch- rickHace 12 días

    Try listen it after rap devil.

  35. Poggy Woggy

    Poggy WoggyHace 12 días

    what did em do to him

  36. Chronic Bullscat

    Chronic BullscatHace 12 días

    Hes the biggest poser Ive ever seen in my life!! He got his as s handed to him by Eminem so he stops rapping and plays pop rock now lol by no means is he punk rock

  37. Vv S

    Vv SHace 12 días

  38. ShivaTrap

    ShivaTrapHace 12 días

    1:46 - 1:54 This part is so damn good holy sht

  39. ༺ RAIN STAR ༻

    ༺ RAIN STAR ༻Hace 12 días





  41. zahra rnj

    zahra rnjHace 13 días

  42. Bebesita B

    Bebesita BHace 13 días

    Woah this dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥💕💕

  43. TheMIKE263

    TheMIKE263Hace 13 días

    MGK's logic: "Hope Slim Shady can't play guitar..."

  44. NotRy4n NotRy4n

    NotRy4n NotRy4nHace 7 días

    U just an em fan boy lol that old man is trash now he needs to retire

  45. ༺ RAIN STAR ༻

    ༺ RAIN STAR ༻Hace 12 días


  46. ferrari rosso

    ferrari rossoHace 13 días

    He knew em never pick pink guitar too🤣🤣

  47. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamHace 13 días

    Machine Gun Kelly’s natural eye color is the same as John Deacon’s wife, Veronica Tetzlaff’s natural eye color.

  48. Emily Dahlin

    Emily DahlinHace 14 días

    Better than the studio by a long shot

  49. Bob Cena • 7 years ago

    Bob Cena • 7 years agoHace 14 días

    This guy came at eminem....

  50. BackLake Beautys

    BackLake BeautysHace 14 días

    Best live performer of are generation can't wait for concerts again

  51. Sipeo

    SipeoHace 14 días

    Sipeo - I'm Dead! ft . mgk (remix)?

  52. Carrie O

    Carrie OHace 14 días


  53. Kenny Wiley

    Kenny WileyHace 14 días

    So yeah.. Rap battle with Em this is what happens.

  54. Tanner Roland

    Tanner RolandHace 15 días

    Holy cow this is what happens to you when you diss eminem...

  55. Greg Nixon

    Greg NixonHace 15 días

    Wow this is aweful

  56. Indy glf

    Indy glfHace 15 días

    Would be great band without the singer

  57. John Pandolfino

    John PandolfinoHace 15 días

    He sux.....

  58. porter stanworth

    porter stanworthHace 15 días

    I wish I was there I want to see him live so baddd

  59. The Droids You're Looking For

    The Droids You're Looking ForHace 16 días

    MGK: The 30 year old that still hasn't hit puberty

  60. Yash Nanda

    Yash NandaHace 16 días

    I swear to God I never liked this song But then the live version came out And i can't get enough of it 💘

  61. dUbbled

    dUbbledHace 17 días

    whos drumming here?

  62. 잔나비 세실

    잔나비 세실Hace 11 días

    Rook (JP Cappelletty)

  63. Ace Brown

    Ace BrownHace 17 días

    First Bret Heart, then Killa Cam and now MGK... Dressed in pink!

  64. riyan

    riyanHace 17 días


  65. MHA_ ._.2653

    MHA_ ._.2653Hace 17 días

    I am a kid and u are good singer 😊😊😊😊😊😊😍❤❤❤

  66. MHA_ ._.2653

    MHA_ ._.2653Hace 17 días

    So cool love you so much

  67. Lilliana Mummert

    Lilliana MummertHace 18 días

    This man is my life

  68. Rebekah Rare

    Rebekah RareHace 18 días

    Can someone get that drummers @ for me! (For...research...)

  69. 잔나비 세실

    잔나비 세실Hace 11 días

    c'mon do a little research ~

  70. Faith Salyer

    Faith SalyerHace 18 días

    He sounds great live

  71. Jordan

    JordanHace 18 días

    can someone please put this on spotify

  72. Jordan

    JordanHace 18 días

    this version

  73. x-Sk0dEn666-x -

    x-Sk0dEn666-x -Hace 19 días

    Best performance ever 👏❤

  74. Mateusz Faltynowski

    Mateusz FaltynowskiHace 19 días

    young man young man all my

  75. Glen Martin

    Glen MartinHace 19 días

    Guys, Rook Goes soooo Hard in these Videos.

  76. Etika Ribss

    Etika RibssHace 19 días


  77. S K

    S KHace 20 días

    Don’t forget mkg was a rapper 🧨

  78. Luis Guillermo Forero Cárdenas

    Luis Guillermo Forero CárdenasHace 20 días

    MGK = mad talented. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  79. Zech

    ZechHace 21 un día

    holy shit why does the guy at the beginning look like jim halpert from the office lmao

  80. croose gaming

    croose gamingHace 21 un día

    Ma idol😄😎😎

  81. P F

    P FHace 21 un día

    He's just god in person

  82. Ruah Zati

    Ruah ZatiHace 21 un día

    Not fallen, just addicted.

  83. Shelby Guskin

    Shelby GuskinHace 22 días

    This man is the only person that could possibly do this show and do it live and kill it to this degree. Incredible. First person I want to see when I can go see people perform again. I have to see this man live. Unbelievable.

  84. Max Elson

    Max ElsonHace 7 días


  85. Angel Alexander

    Angel AlexanderHace 22 días


  86. Tierra Martin (CCHS 2024)

    Tierra Martin (CCHS 2024)Hace 22 días

    god hes an angel

  87. The Splinter Monkee

    The Splinter MonkeeHace 22 días

    Wow. Eminem destroyed this kid so bad he turned to making Good Charlotte rip-off music.

  88. Devin

    DevinHace 21 un día

    Huh? All I said was that he's dropped two rap albums since killshot so u don't know what you're talking about, and then u said something about this song idek what your point is

  89. The Splinter Monkee

    The Splinter MonkeeHace 21 un día

    @Devin are you NOT listening to this crap?

  90. Devin

    DevinHace 21 un día

    Mgk's dropped 2 rap albums since killshot came out wtf are you talking about

  91. Nathan Ingram

    Nathan IngramHace 23 días

    Dude on the drums is always killing it

  92. yourideordie

    yourideordieHace 23 días

    That drummer though!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  93. dodori

    dodoriHace 23 días


  94. 99bajakid

    99bajakidHace 23 días

    Machine Gun Kelly is just Nickleback mixed with Drake.

  95. Flower420Xx

    Flower420XxHace 23 días

    So awesome! Xx

  96. skarath

    skarathHace 24 días

    Hopefully he didn't put anyone's eye out with that guitar.

  97. Paweł Zieliński

    Paweł ZielińskiHace 24 días

    Every fan of MGK must comment this video:

  98. Matthew Terrian

    Matthew TerrianHace 24 días

    Pink is definitely the right color. Needs something to get the peeps attn since he blows at music.

  99. Matthew Terrian

    Matthew TerrianHace 24 días

    He's not even a good singer.

  100. Matthew Terrian

    Matthew TerrianHace 24 días

    Omg, this dude couldn't be more of a tool

  101. 托特

    托特Hace 24 días


  102. Heather Sander

    Heather SanderHace 24 días

    So addicted to this song!

  103. Jessica Purol

    Jessica PurolHace 24 días

    I dont think people give ROOK enough credit it looked like him not travis but none the less amazing ...everyone!

  104. Ian Carpenter

    Ian CarpenterHace 24 días

    I swear to God, i never fall in Love but MGK evolved and I cant get enough of it.....

  105. Chicota Viking

    Chicota VikingHace 24 días

    Horrible music...I have seen better performances at karaoke night

  106. Sara Cagno

    Sara CagnoHace 25 días

    LOVE THIS but of course, it would be better to see him host...the sketches with him and Pete...!

  107. Aarón Martínez Rodríguez

    Aarón Martínez RodríguezHace 25 días

    de locos

  108. Kai Gurholt

    Kai GurholtHace 25 días

    No they didn’t try to kiss😂 Rooks short and has to stand to catch his symbols. Really awkward look though ngl lmaooo

  109. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyHace 25 días

    Fucking proud of this man for turning his nightmares into art, he looks so happy.

  110. LyricsVideo

    LyricsVideoHace 25 días


  111. DaddyGreyHulk

    DaddyGreyHulkHace 25 días

    Make this man Superbowl sunday

  112. DaddyGreyHulk

    DaddyGreyHulkHace 25 días

    Colson at halftime Superbowl leeeees go

  113. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyHace 25 días

    I like the way every rapper who starts a bief with Eminem ends up wearing pink and not rapping anymore