Machine Gun Kelly - concert for aliens (Official Music Video)

Machine Gun Kelly - concert for aliens is available now:

Concept Written by Mod Sun + Machine Gun Kelly

Director: Mod Sun
Creative Director: Jordan Wozy
Executive Producer: Danny Pollack
Production Company: Dreambear
Producer: Collin Druz
Director of Photography: Taylor Randall

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#MachineGunKelly #TravisBarker #ConcertForAliens
Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing concert for aliens. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. Steven Douglass

    Steven DouglassHace 7 horas

    One of my favorite music videos

  2. ً ً

    ً ًHace un día

    I kinda hope this is his new style and not temporary because I personally like this a lot more than his rapping

  3. Maverick

    MaverickHace un día

    Em made this man leave hip hop yes.

  4. Chris Prolls

    Chris ProllsHace 2 días

    pop punk >> rap.

  5. TheBartender

    TheBartenderHace 2 días

    the dude at the begining looks like a cross between xqc and ace ventura

  6. koby colleado

    koby colleadoHace 2 días

    anyone else stand up anf pretend your playing with a guitar singing to this? no just me?

  7. Journey With Logan

    Journey With LoganHace 2 días

    Metal vocals next?😎

  8. James Hughes

    James HughesHace 3 días

    I truly believe he will be a rap goat but I can't deny looks happy

  9. Nick Rohe

    Nick RoheHace 3 días

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  10. AlienWithoutUFO

    AlienWithoutUFOHace 3 días

    That's the greatest music video I've ever seen!

  11. Dave Jones

    Dave JonesHace 3 días

    Mgk bringing punk rock back!!

  12. Anderson Jiménez

    Anderson JiménezHace 4 días


  13. L3murL0rd

    L3murL0rdHace 4 días

    Great Music Video the Seamen made me Laugh

  14. Saturdays Down South In Hell

    Saturdays Down South In HellHace 4 días

    This is such a solid pop punk song own it’s own merit. Regardless if it’s blink or mgk. I love it so much ❤️

  15. Sucha Sour Patch

    Sucha Sour PatchHace 5 días

    I’m feeling this album and I can hear the Blink 182 influence so that’s a plus for me!

  16. Sushi Midget

    Sushi MidgetHace 5 días

    There are literally thousands of songs that sound exactly like this. He went from boring mumble rapper to fake emo wannabe

  17. Harrison

    HarrisonHace 5 días

    Sounds like the same flow as iann dior's "gone girl" with trippe redd

  18. Devin Thurston

    Devin ThurstonHace 6 días

    This man gonna bring back punk rock 💪

  19. Moriah Rizzo

    Moriah RizzoHace 6 días

    Yassss king! Making me feel like it’s 2006 again

  20. Fairy C Rat

    Fairy C RatHace 6 días

    Damn. Just imagine if Mark Hoppus sang this. That would be a perfect extra song on TOYPAJ.

  21. Jared The Burrito Rat

    Jared The Burrito RatHace 7 días

    Anyone else wanna go to the concert for aliens with me??😭😭

  22. Lexxi Simpson

    Lexxi SimpsonHace 5 días



    GRACE RA‡VENHace 7 días

    This hurts. I'm immature AND a goddamn failure. :'(

  24. Isabel Salinas

    Isabel SalinasHace 7 días

    I LOVE EMO KELLS MACHINE GUN KELLY PLEASE DO MORE MORE EMO KELLS 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫

  25. MACUMBA Music

    MACUMBA MusicHace 7 días


  26. Ashley Menk

    Ashley MenkHace 7 días

    I love how machine gun Kelly just turned into Travis Barker

  27. Robert Butt

    Robert ButtHace 7 días

    i love u mgk i listened to all of your raps and songs

  28. Isaias

    IsaiasHace 7 días

    Man I’m loving this MGK!! This dude is musically talented and deserves the recognition for his range 🔥🔥🔥


    SAMYEL GAMER FFHace 7 días


  30. Luca Ambrock

    Luca AmbrockHace 8 días

    This is the type of music that I knew would eventually come back again...just like those aliens did

  31. Chicken joe 09

    Chicken joe 09Hace 8 días

    I know I’m immature but at least I’m not a god damn failure” such a sick line 🤘🤘🤘

  32. Luchete Drxp

    Luchete DrxpHace 8 días

    RIP MGK 🥺😭😭

  33. the dum hat

    the dum hatHace 4 días

    @Luchete Drxp wtf do you mean this shit is fire 🔥

  34. Luchete Drxp

    Luchete DrxpHace 4 días

    @Lexxi Simpson style of songs , rap for "rock" . Now he is horrible

  35. Lexxi Simpson

    Lexxi SimpsonHace 5 días


  36. Mixed_ emotions

    Mixed_ emotionsHace 8 días

    he rly did it better than early 2000s

  37. the dum hat

    the dum hatHace 4 días

    @Wesley Van Torre I think he did it better but that’s just me

  38. Wesley Van Torre

    Wesley Van TorreHace 6 días

    not better. but pretty damn good

  39. LOL No

    LOL NoHace 8 días

    The radio in the cars in fortnite brought me here

  40. LOL No

    LOL NoHace 8 días

    @Aditya C Bisht yes it is

  41. Aditya C Bisht

    Aditya C BishtHace 8 días

    This song is on it??

  42. Aiden Keene

    Aiden KeeneHace 8 días


  43. Alex Aguilar

    Alex AguilarHace 9 días

    If your gonna go rock Mgk go for the metal scene not this punk pop bs

  44. Rodrigo Malheiros Pinheiro

    Rodrigo Malheiros PinheiroHace 9 días

    Orra man, pode produzir mais músicas do verdadeiro pop punk que estamos com sede!!

  45. playroblox playroblox

    playroblox playrobloxHace 9 días

    mgk is a legend note that is your book

  46. stevstomatoe

    stevstomatoeHace 9 días

    3:06 MODSUN??!??!!!

  47. Queen Wednesday 45

    Queen Wednesday 45Hace 9 días

    When the 👽 answer your S.O.S, swing by and pick me up, they know who I am😎❤

  48. Chinmay Sharma

    Chinmay SharmaHace 9 días

    Travis made tik tokers a pop punk star it's so good to see he's taking pop punk in next level

  49. Giacomo C23

    Giacomo C23Hace 10 días

    Siamo tornati nel 2000????!!!manca american pie e siamo apposto ahahah

  50. Matt Belinski

    Matt BelinskiHace 10 días

    Is Travis Barker his personal drummer now or what?

  51. Arthur Valaer

    Arthur ValaerHace un día

    I guess so. He produced the album.

  52. YungKuciorDick

    YungKuciorDickHace 10 días


  53. Rômulo Vinícius

    Rômulo ViníciusHace 10 días

    Fortnite radio bring me here

  54. LOL No

    LOL NoHace 8 días

    Me too

  55. Normunds Z

    Normunds ZHace 10 días

    ESdos s u c k

  56. Sarah Brandenburg

    Sarah BrandenburgHace 11 días

    its the hole body burning for me

  57. RaZoR MTA

    RaZoR MTAHace 11 días

    3:06 Mod suuuuun

  58. Aaron Thompson

    Aaron ThompsonHace 11 días

    Ever since I got sober I been liking music more and more, remembering what kind of music I like... so glad mgk made this album, great vibes

  59. Loza-brah

    Loza-brahHace 11 días

    This is Fkn awesome, good work man

  60. Gabe

    GabeHace 12 días

    0:23 my man Mod Sun doing a beautiful cameo

  61. RaZoR MTA

    RaZoR MTAHace 12 días

    Tom approves this song

  62. Captain Underpants

    Captain UnderpantsHace 12 días


  63. Captain Underpants

    Captain UnderpantsHace 12 días


  64. Captain Underpants

    Captain UnderpantsHace 12 días


  65. Zack Franz

    Zack FranzHace 12 días

    This man is a creative genius. Any genre he touches he fucking owns it. Props to mgk for bringing this vibe back.

  66. Matthew Rhodes

    Matthew RhodesHace 13 días

    We need a Mgk and Tom collab now

  67. Santito Burrito

    Santito BurritoHace 13 días

    mgk: im in too deep me: sum 41

  68. Mil žiniška

    Mil žiniškaHace 13 días

    blink-182... 2020 edition... lol...

  69. Jared Smith

    Jared SmithHace 13 días

    So much better, great rocker and rapper, but this suits him well.

  70. Jeffery Athon

    Jeffery AthonHace 13 días

    Kelly, you should go back to Ben Schigel for production. Lol

  71. nouh oxo21

    nouh oxo21Hace 13 días

    Release song about me

  72. Sarah K

    Sarah KHace 14 días

    This song is more Blink than anything Blink has put out in the last 10 years

  73. One Love

    One LoveHace 14 días

    I disliked this and then liked it. And now I love it

  74. Brandon Starnes

    Brandon StarnesHace 14 días

    Why does pop punk and travis barker make singers sing about aliens. I love it

  75. Emmanuel Bongar

    Emmanuel BongarHace 15 días

    Hear me out: concert for aliens ft. Tom DeLonge

  76. Happiness Is Dead

    Happiness Is DeadHace 15 días

    I'm emo and I don't fit in a lot of the time. And this song makes me feel better after getting bullied for being emo.

  77. Happiness Is Dead

    Happiness Is DeadHace 7 días

    @issaac Xxx ......ok

  78. Happiness Is Dead

    Happiness Is DeadHace 7 días

    Well then should I label myself as edgy

  79. Kaitlyn Biddix

    Kaitlyn BiddixHace 15 días

    this puts me in a good mood

  80. Rai Pettys

    Rai PettysHace 16 días

    This MgK is so much better than the rap devil but I do love the rap devil too

  81. Moving Socks

    Moving SocksHace 16 días

    You are inspiration man. I thought your rap music was great, but to just come out of nowhere with the vintage blink 182 sound is just next level. Mad respect Colson.

  82. Ryan Krueger

    Ryan KruegerHace 16 días

    this is a funny ass music video

  83. IzzyDaKid TV

    IzzyDaKid TVHace 17 días

    Im happy this music coming back

  84. Rustin Pope

    Rustin PopeHace 17 días

    Mgk gotten whack since emenim destroyed his career

  85. the dum hat

    the dum hatHace 4 días

    do you think he actually gives a fuck what Eminem’s fanboys think of him?

  86. issaac Xxx

    issaac XxxHace 8 días

    Destroyed his career? His career is going strong. His new album hit billboard charts this last year.

  87. Kevin Argenziano

    Kevin ArgenzianoHace 17 días

    This dudes bringing back true pop punk. Love it.

  88. s3sh

    s3shHace 18 días

    Cant wait for him to get Tommy Lee and make a hair metal album

  89. W

    WHace 18 días

    Its a piece of art 🤤💕

  90. roxxistarr21

    roxxistarr21Hace 18 días

    I am here for this MGK journey

  91. Ava Murawski

    Ava MurawskiHace 18 días

    Shank yoo for this video

  92. РАЖАМИН Абдулмажид II

    РАЖАМИН Абдулмажид IIHace 18 días

    This guy is better than bts I swear

  93. Alexandra Chertov

    Alexandra ChertovHace 19 días


  94. Mike Pits

    Mike PitsHace 19 días

    Fuck they should of had him replace Tom lmfao

  95. t.crouse

    t.crouseHace 19 días

    why’s this not on itunes?

  96. Gustavo Nicolas Garmendia Garmendia

    Gustavo Nicolas Garmendia GarmendiaHace 19 días

    alguien vino por el fortnine? yo la descubri por el esta genial

  97. Degrassian 2003

    Degrassian 2003Hace 19 días

    This song reminds of please take me home by blink 182

  98. Ti MoTa

    Ti MoTaHace 20 días

    Whats this Green Pullover he wears?

  99. Jake Gibson

    Jake GibsonHace 20 días

    The seamen scene was so blink 182 lol Travis was like yes 👍🏻

  100. kelly1342

    kelly1342Hace 21 un día

    Is that drew from clevver style In the beginning??

  101. Little Styles

    Little StylesHace 21 un día

    My therapist: Gameshow-host MGK isn't real, he can't hurt you Gameshow-host MGK:

  102. IamNaitsirk 30

    IamNaitsirk 30Hace 21 un día

    I got a 1995-2002 vibes with this..

  103. Røsë

    RøsëHace 21 un día

    "I'm in to deep, I feel to much, im insecure, I f things up" ok I know how that feels

  104. GHOSTED

    GHOSTEDHace 21 un día

    I love this ! This man is very talented ! 🤟🏻🖤

  105. Mouhamadou Habib Diop

    Mouhamadou Habib DiopHace 22 días

    Sounds like some anime opening

  106. Bernice Annichiarico

    Bernice AnnichiaricoHace 22 días

    Hes so talented

  107. エンター / ENTER

    エンター / ENTERHace 22 días

    Blink 182 Sound

  108. Kleppiium

    KleppiiumHace 22 días

    And this is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

  109. Montse S

    Montse SHace 23 días

    pov you've watched this video before many times but you're still creeped out with Colson with moustache and that hairstyle 🥴

  110. fox

    foxHace 23 días


  111. Africa Europe

    Africa EuropeHace 23 días

    I just want to put on my striped socks , skirt and dcs and go see the cute little skater /punk/ emo kids and listen to this music and imagine my crush falling in love with me

  112. Africa Europe

    Africa EuropeHace 23 días


  113. Blake Webster

    Blake WebsterHace 23 días

    In the Top 3 songs on the album no fucking doubt

  114. Alex Sugent

    Alex SugentHace 23 días

    Think if MGk travis and Tom were to do a few tunes 🤓