Machine Gun Kelly - Habits (Official Music Video)

Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Habits. (C) 2017 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. DaVe RoBeRtS

    DaVe RoBeRtSHace 16 horas

    20 plus yr of addiction didn't kill me but depression will

  2. Jon Lach

    Jon LachHace un día

    To whoever is reading this, I just wanted to let you know that you are a bright soul, and you have a beautiful purpose here. Every person in life goes through pain, and has a story. Yours matters. You are not alone. Keep pushing, keep moving forward & keep chasing your dreams. You have a gift, I hope you know that. Don’t give up

  3. Angella Couch

    Angella CouchHace un día


  4. Nick Rohe

    Nick RoheHace 3 días

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  5. Kerry Egan

    Kerry EganHace 5 días

    Favorite song of his ♥️♥️♥️

  6. pappu tamin

    pappu taminHace 7 días


  7. Soraya

    SorayaHace 8 días

    This song makes way too sense for's insane

  8. AGS Official Gaming

    AGS Official GamingHace 8 días

    I like this guy in glasses

  9. frank nunes

    frank nunesHace 9 días


  10. dead man walkin tonight

    dead man walkin tonightHace 10 días

    the autotune made the song worse

  11. molly sharit

    molly sharitHace 12 días


  12. Angel Quintero

    Angel QuinteroHace 13 días

    Me & my uncle bump this jam !! Honestly he saved so may lives just with this song 💯👍🏽💪🏽

  13. Valters Kārklinš

    Valters KārklinšHace 13 días

    Amazings songs !!! I have a new artist on the top of my list !

  14. Brian Goodson

    Brian GoodsonHace 14 días

    I Love it MGK you're the best!!!!

  15. Jonathan Delnegro

    Jonathan DelnegroHace 15 días


  16. zachry potts

    zachry pottsHace 16 días

    Who is here in 2021

  17. ningthoujam7

    ningthoujam7Hace 18 días

    Love you kells

  18. Danielle Boone

    Danielle BooneHace 18 días

    I like your song Machine gun Kelly

  19. Tashi Pasang

    Tashi PasangHace 19 días

    I even don't know how to appreciate his music, been through shit but MGK always makes me lace the fuck up and get going

  20. Michelle Drechsler

    Michelle DrechslerHace 19 días

    Pure love for this soul

  21. Stephanie

    StephanieHace 19 días

    if you actually listen to the lyrics , he was really going through stuff. and we all were like ✨it’s a banger✨ (and it is but still)

  22. BAT

    BATHace 19 días

    Im 2 weeks clean from cutting he saves my life multi times love you kells

  23. Angella Couch

    Angella CouchHace 19 días


  24. Little Styles

    Little StylesHace 20 días

    "I fell in love with a very bad habit, but I feel alive for the very first time" goddamn, his music just hits different istg

  25. Captain Tomorrow

    Captain TomorrowHace 20 días

    ocaine.......seriously.....never touched the if you want a real high...........Shooting someone for a dare on double dog.......oh,,,,,,hol up.......

  26. Online Ghost

    Online GhostHace 20 días

    Amazing voice auto tune

  27. I'mACrazyFreak4Life

    I'mACrazyFreak4LifeHace 21 un día

    "I cannot stand these fucking rules"

  28. Natsu_de_ ruffy

    Natsu_de_ ruffyHace 23 días


  29. Chinn Uupp

    Chinn UuppHace 24 días

    How do you get out of hell and make heaven. I only ask because you know how to do it just with words and melodies

  30. Pharowes Music

    Pharowes MusicHace 24 días

    This song my shitttt got me thru some shitt too

  31. Brayden Smith

    Brayden SmithHace 24 días

    Who here in 2021

  32. danny daviduk

    danny davidukHace 26 días


  33. Ahgase Forever

    Ahgase ForeverHace 27 días

    anyone else know any good songs that talk about the same things that this song covers?


    NATESK8ZZHace 28 días

    This song is fucking amazing

  35. Binky

    BinkyHace 29 días

    I'm 18 months sober feb 3rd and his music is such a inspirational part of my recovery please continue to make hits man your a blessing

  36. IDK EPA

    IDK EPAHace un mes

    why he scream at the water

  37. Keighlan Mainprize

    Keighlan MainprizeHace un mes



    KHIB MUSICHace un mes


  39. Barry McCockener

    Barry McCockenerHace un mes

    Ten shots of hundred proof and an eighth of weed is normal every night right? Fight on friends.

  40. Abhishek Khadka

    Abhishek KhadkaHace un mes

    This song seriously deserves a billion views..

  41. James Red

    James RedHace un mes

    I relapsed on heroin after being clean for about 7 months. Gotta murder charge on me over one of my best friends overdosing. I go to trial in about a month. This song hits if you really struggling. You're not alone.

  42. Trentin Alderman

    Trentin AldermanHace un mes

    I used to laugh at the people who said someone’s music saved their life until i became one of them

  43. Josh Halter

    Josh HalterHace un mes

    2021 This shit still fire

  44. Eugene Gerry

    Eugene GerryHace un mes

    My soon to be wife related to this song and it helped me understand her alot more love you stacia love

  45. Little Traveller

    Little TravellerHace un mes

    I remember first hearing this trying to get clean. Feels great to be free, thank you MGK, you helped.

  46. Luna B Sara

    Luna B SaraHace un mes

    That turtle necks doin somethin 🙃💕😭😅

  47. farley fan

    farley fanHace un mes

    Reminds me of my brother!

  48. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  49. Sarah Bates

    Sarah BatesHace un mes


  50. Joanne Wallace

    Joanne WallaceHace un mes

    fionn is a good man

  51. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  52. Joanne Wallace

    Joanne WallaceHace un mes

    S a S h a @venuspetrova 888




  54. Sarah Bates

    Sarah BatesHace un mes


  55. Shoriful Islam rana

    Shoriful Islam ranaHace un mes

    I love bath

  56. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  57. Kevin Sellers

    Kevin SellersHace un mes

    Stfu i need to think

  58. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  59. Kyo 2004

    Kyo 2004Hace un mes


  60. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  61. Tomek Sienkiewicz

    Tomek SienkiewiczHace un mes


  62. Jacob Lopez

    Jacob LopezHace un mes

    I’ll forever love you, you saved my life three times fam

  63. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  64. Lisa Gedda

    Lisa GeddaHace un mes

    Amen his music thoughts emotions are you know that is not to be removed from my own thread living just a breathe don't let people tell you are not allowed to feel or what u like ir listen to that is important in your heart and soul save yourself it's up to you crying screaming get out just not about this shit be able to be who you are.. It's life there not perfect either screw the people that don't care if thay did they be vt your sides front back as for music that we feel free our souls.. For it's soothing and has meaning strong understanding. Words of this mgk your talantecd wake up don't worry about fight with who you are people know you care there's nothing wrong with that it's awsome that people like you and others have talant to save lives and help. People feel better thats a awsome thing it's a gift spiritually enlightened by music and strong words that can relate with some people mgk your own related to others with wisdom of words express in others ty keep up good words and lyrics.

  65. Nick Beker

    Nick BekerHace un mes


  66. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  67. 7773 Onthehills

    7773 OnthehillsHace un mes

    Who doesn’t know but he talking bout drug$

  68. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  69. Lethe Mills

    Lethe MillsHace un mes

    Love this song

  70. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  71. Hailey Harrington

    Hailey HarringtonHace un mes

    Most days I would be lost without his beautiful voice 🥰

  72. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  73. Thomas Santana

    Thomas SantanaHace un mes

    Thank u mgk

  74. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  75. Thomas Santana

    Thomas SantanaHace un mes

    You know why

  76. Baldev Singh

    Baldev SinghHace un mes

    Something is wrong in planet Why this guy is underrated ??

  77. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  78. Jen P

    Jen PHace un mes

    I miss this MGK!

  79. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  80. đình khoa

    đình khoaHace un mes

    Its going so hard in my mind, so good!♡♡♡

  81. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  82. Johnpaul Swim

    Johnpaul SwimHace un mes

    This song might just keep me alive

  83. Heather Childs

    Heather ChildsHace un mes


  84. Chinn Uupp

    Chinn UuppHace un mes

    Everything is my fault I have failed, thinking you still have hell in your voice towards me. No matter what tho your still a voice I hear and sincerely don't give a fuck if you hate me cause I learn from your words please loath me but know I don't feel hate anymore mostly because of your art 😑

  85. Chaz Turner

    Chaz TurnerHace un mes

    He saved my life 💯🔥💯

  86. Princess Ugly

    Princess UglyHace un mes

    mgk so much popular cause of eminem now....b4 he got only some subscribers now he got 70 lakh subscriber

  87. Ben Johnson

    Ben JohnsonHace un mes

    I dont want to die. I felt that..

  88. aydo castle

    aydo castleHace un mes

    He's helped me though my rough patches.

  89. Estelle 20x

    Estelle 20xHace un mes

    This song makes me feel so many emotions

  90. Ripster Boi

    Ripster BoiHace un mes

    How tf can you dislike they are just soulless bodys

  91. spylock jinx

    spylock jinxHace un mes

    2021 any one

  92. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  93. Claire Robertson

    Claire RobertsonHace un mes

    Anyone here in 2021!

  94. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  95. Alanah Duncan

    Alanah DuncanHace un mes

    This vid is full of knowledge! I've been trying to look for a vid similar to yours that educates everything in this video! 👨‍⚕️ 🧑🏻‍⚕️Your breakdown reminds me of the vids of Doctor Ethan. His explanations are knowledgable and I learned a lot for exams. You should really check his page out and give the doc a like over here! ➡️ #DrEthanAdvice

  96. Paul Matweyou

    Paul MatweyouHace un mes


  97. Maddie Miller

    Maddie MillerHace un mes

    he literally saved me and I hope he knows that and that he means so much to me

  98. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  99. Courtney Blatt

    Courtney BlattHace un mes

    WE LOVE YOU MGK! You have helped me through so many emotions and made me feel so much better through your music! They’re al so relatable and makes me not feel like I’m not the only one going through certain things in such a similar way! ❤️🙌🏼🙏🏼👏🏼 I know I can speak for so many others who listen to your music as well!!!!

  100. Brayden Smith

    Brayden SmithHace un mes

    2021 anybody?

  101. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  102. Nellian33

    Nellian33Hace un mes

    I miss u

  103. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  104. DatManBrooksie HD

    DatManBrooksie HDHace un mes

    Dear Percocet..... Fuck You

  105. DatManBrooksie HD

    DatManBrooksie HDHace un mes

    Happy 2021

  106. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes


    IAM MARSHMELLOWHace 2 meses

    This song will make you feel better in 2021 so Happy New Year everyone

  108. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  109. Sandra Collins

    Sandra CollinsHace 2 meses


  110. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  111. Tyler Wxlf

    Tyler WxlfHace 2 meses

    “I was born in the wrong generation”

  112. My Idol Are Dead 17

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    RAP MANAGEMENTHace 2 meses

    That what We call it music

  114. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  115. Joanne Wallace

    Joanne WallaceHace 2 meses


  116. My Idol Are Dead 17

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  117. Carra Fadeley

    Carra FadeleyHace 2 meses


  118. My Idol Are Dead 17

    My Idol Are Dead 17Hace un mes

  119. Deondre Johnson

    Deondre JohnsonHace 2 meses

    Been rocking with MGK when Dr. Dre Beats dropped and Invincible was playing through them. Only getting better with time 💯💯 look how far he done came.

  120. Gotti Reyes

    Gotti ReyesHace 2 meses

    I'm still in love with a very bad habit . I regret every swallow every time I hear this song .

  121. Dwayne Thomas

    Dwayne ThomasHace 2 meses

    Never really ever took in MGK music but this is absolutely beautiful! 🔥 i feel like I’m abit too old for this type of music but this is one of those ones!!! Habits don’t only apply to drugs we all have our own bad habits... it’s nice to be able to talk about them Thank you MGK

  122. Abdo Gamer

    Abdo GamerHace 2 meses

    أصلي ياعيني

  123. Ren Sellars

    Ren SellarsHace 2 meses


  124. Niño Abregunda

    Niño AbregundaHace 2 meses


  125. Kamryn Rowland

    Kamryn RowlandHace 2 meses

    I’m only a teen but this is one of my favorite songs I actually couldn’t sleep last night and this song helped

  126. Chanchal Gautam

    Chanchal GautamHace 2 meses

    Tryin' to stay clean... ❤️

  127. eatha raju

    eatha rajuHace 2 meses